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We develop innovative carbon offset solutions through digital platforms and special projects.


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We compensate your greenhouse gases emissions (GHG) from the delivery of your purchases on e-commerce platforms.

We compensate the emissions from your trips using on-demand transportation apps.


We compensate the emissions from your stay using hospitality services apps.

We compensate GHG emissions within on-demand services apps, passengers and freight logistics providers, entertainment services and live events.


how it works.

Orma gives users the options do their part and compensate their greenhouse gases emissions within our partners apps and websites, in the quickest, safest, most accountable and low cost way possible.

for users


1. You make your purchases within our partners apps or websites.

2. On the checkout, we'll calculate your emissions and compensation cost.

3. You choose to compensate.


4. We'll take care of the rest.

for users

services apps

1. You choose your location and destination within our partners apps.


2. We'll calculate your emissions and compensation cost.


3. You choose to compensate.


4. We'll take care of the rest.

for partners

  • Services fully-integrated with your checkout and payment system.

  • Complete technical and operational solution.



To compensate your emissions, we choose the most inspiring, impactful and trustworthy projects. All of them are certified according to the highest global standards. We use different types of projects and biomes. Contact us to learn more.

Avoided Methane
Avoided Methane
Fuel Change
Fuel Change
Avoided Deforestation
Avoided Deforestation
Solar Power
Solar Power
Wind Power
Wind Power
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency

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If you want to learn more about how Orma can give your users the option to compensate their emssions, we'll be glad to contact your team and show you more.

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