Paulo Zanardi Jr.

Founder e Head of Climate Change

Specialist in Political Science and Strategic Development by Faculdades Integradas Espíritas, postgraduate in National Mobilization by the Brazilian Ministry of Defense, Bachelors in Civil Engineering from The Pontifical Catholic University from Paraná (PUC-PR).


Coordinated the technical and commercial areas of ​​CantorCO2e, working with Climate Change Policies, GHG Emissions Inventory and CDM/VERs Projects. Professor of Sustainable Projects at the Federal University of Paraná. Consultant to the United Nations Environment Programme in the qualification of host cities for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Consultant of the MCTI for the collection and analysis of data to support the study of identification of the contribution of the CDM to the sustainable development of Brazil during the first period of fulfillment of the commitments to the Kyoto Protocol. Named Community Leader of GRI in the State of Paraná in 2016.


Currently the Technical Director of GSS Sustentabilidade, with technical knowledge already applied in all regions of Brazil, with globally recognized technical experience.


One of Orma's founders, Paulo is our Head of Climate Change, leading the areas of Sustainability Reporting, GHG Life Cycle Analysis and Climate Change, carbon credits projects, carbon footprint, inventory of greenhouse gas emissions and CDP (Carbon Disclosure Program) reports.

Fernando Mallmann

Founder e Head of Business Development

Bachelors in International Relations from Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing (ESPM). Master of Strategic Marketing from ESPM and Florida International University (FIU). Specialization Course in Development Diplomacy by DiploFoundation - University of Malta.


Served as Membership Consultant, Account Manager and International Affairs at AMCHAM Brasil – The American Chamber of Commerce for Brazil. Subsequently, he was Regional Supervisor for BRITCHAM - British Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Brazil in Porto Alegre. His first venture outside the corporate market was VETRO International, a global business development consulting and procurement firm.


He is currently the Head of Marketing and partner in the venture building and investment group, Baltoro Group, where he leads the area of ​​renewable energy and social impact ventures. He is also Chapter Director at the Founder Institute in Porto Alegre and member of the PUCRS Acceleration Board of Advisors, ProA.


Fernando is one of the founders and Head of Business Development at Orma, being responsible for the monetization, commercial area, new business and strategic marketing of the company.

Francine Leal Franco

Founder e Head of Regulatory Affairs

PhD student in Political Science at the University of Aveiro - Portugal, Specialist in Environmental Law from Faculdades Integradas Curitiba and Law Degree from the Faculdade de Direito de Curitiba.


Francine has worked in the State of Paraná in large companies and organized civil society organizations (i.e., Natura, O Boticário and Instituto de Brasileiro de Educação Ambiental - IBEAM). Shen was a member of the Consultative Council of the Ecological Institute in Tocantins and Member of the General Council and General Coordinator of the Ecotropical Tropical Biodiversity Knowledge Center. At CantorCO2e Brazil (SP), she coordinated the area of ​​sustainability, contributing to the definition of the eligibility of carbon credit projects under the spectrum of sustainable development; elaboration of diagnosis and development of socio-environmental indicators for CDM projects and voluntary market; as well as Strategic Environmental Consulting. For the Social Carbon Company (Brasilia), coordinated the creation of the Social Carbon Guidelines to support the registration system for carbon emission reduction projects in the voluntary market. At Natura (SP), the attributions were: assessment of the regulatory system created by the Convention on Biological Diversity, definition of access compliance criteria for genetic resources; Analysis and elaboration of TAP and CURB (Term of Prior Consent and Benefit Sharing Agreement). Professor of the Postgraduate Course on Sustainable Projects at the Federal University of Paraná (UFPR). Member of the Business Movement of Brazilian Biodiversity.


Currently as the Sustainability Director at GSS (Curitiba), she is involved in planning and development of corporate biodiversity strategies. Coordinates all studies and analyzes of the use of Brazilian biodiversity in products. Responsible for direct communication with CGEN (Genetic Heritage Management Council), regularization processes and interaction with the local community.


At Orma, Francine is a founder and Head of Regulatory Affairs, responsible for legal affairs, regulatory frameworks, incentive projects and awareness projects.

Gabriel Chaves

Climate Change Analyst

Graduated in Environmental Engineering from the Federal University of Paraná, with experience in the environmental oversight department of the Environmental Institute of Paraná.


Specialist in the development of inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, having already participated in the elaboration of several projects inside and outside Brazil. He earned a full scholarship to exchange at the University of Waterloo (Canada). He has done research on the Energy Hub Management System Project at the University of Waterloo in the field of renewable energy. Knowledge of the tools and guidelines of the Brazilian Program of the Brazilian GHG Protocol and the online platform of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). He has also worked in the drafting of Climate Change policies and in the verification of the inventory of GHG emissions from companies that aim at the Gold Certification of the GHG Protocol Program and the Paraná Climate Seal.


At Orma, Gabriel is a Climate Change Analyst, and is one of the experts in the technical and market aspects of emissions and market of compensation projects.

Caroline Grassl

Regulatory Affairs Analyst

Graduated in Law from Universidade São Judas Tadeu and postgraduate in Environmental Law and Strategic Management of Sustainability at PUC-SP.


Caroline has worked at Lenovo Brazil in the legal department, developing legal research in the environmental area and designing and implementing environmental projects to meet the requirements of the National Solid Waste Policy and the standards of public environmental agencies such as CONAMA, CETESB and IBAMA. At Sustainable Carbon, she was responsible for drafting contracts for the assignment of rights on greenhouse gas emission reductions and environmental legal research (national and international), with the main focus being on climate change, the Kyoto Protocol, and the carbon credits (especially, the voluntary market), REDD+ projects, payment for environmental services and operating licenses.


At Orma, Caroline is a Regulatory Affairs Analyst, specializing in legal and regulatory aspects of climate change, LCA and biodiversity – role she also plays in GSS.

Barbara Fellows

Climate Change Analyst

Graduated in Agribusiness Management and Master in Sustainable Development from the University of Brasília, where she developed work with family farmers in the Cerrado biome. Participates in research groups on the socio-biodiversity of the Cerrado. She has experience in the areas of sustainability, biodiversity, climate change, agroecology and tree cropping systems. She’s worked with carbon projects to serve the voluntary market, nationally and internationally, including projects with the SOCIALCARBON Standard.


At Orma, Barbara is a Climate Change Analyst, analyzing compensation projects and assisting in the construction of awareness-raising projects and sustainable development culture.

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